Gokul Kripa The Ring Avenue Plot for Sale in Manohariya Wala Jaipur

Gokul Kripa The Ring Avenue Township in Manohariya Wala Sanganer Jaipur, Residential Jda Approved Plots for Sale on Main 360.0 M Ring Road Jaipur Near Diggi Road.

The Ring Avenue in Manohariya Wala, Ring Road Jaipur

The Ring Avenue Jda Approved Plots by Gokul Kripa Colonizers in Manohariya Wala, Ratalya on Main Ring Road Jaipur, Prime Location Township on 360.0 M Wide Main Ring Road Project Jaipur.

Jda Approved Plots in The Ring Avenue Township Manohariya Wala, Jaipur

  • Residential Plot for Sale – 100.00 Sq. Yards, Price – Rs. 1,295,000
  • Plot for Sale – 111.11 Sq. Yards, Price – Rs. 1,438,000
  • Plot for Sale – 152.77 Sq. Yards, Price – Rs. 1,978,000
  • Plot for Sale – 166.66 Sq. Yards, Price – Rs. 2,158,000
  • Plot for Sale – 200.00 Sq. Yards, Price – Rs. 2,590,000
  • Plot for Sale – 216.66 Sq. Yards, Price – Rs, 2,805,000
  • Plot for Sale – 220.48 Sq. Yards, Price – Rs. 2,855,000

*Rate – Rs. 13,950/- Sq. Yards with Jda Patta (Discount Offer – Rs. 1,000/- Sq. Yards till December, 31st)

  • Commercial Shop for Sale – 11.11 Sq. Yards, Price – Rs. 287,000

Plot on Main Ring Road Project Jaipur –

Jaipur Ring Road A six-lane road is to be developed connecting Agra Road, Tonk Road and Ajmer Road in the initial phase of the project. Jaipur Outer Ring Road is a 150.0 KM, six-lane road encircling the City of Jaipur.

RERA No. RAJ/P/2019/1081

Jda Approved Plots on Ring Road Jaipur

Jda Approved Plots Township Gokul Kripa The Ring Avenue Plots 100 Sq Yards to 500 Sq Yards Plots for Sale in Only Rs. 12,950 per Sq. Yards (Rate – Rs. 13,950/- Sq Yards, Discount Offer Rs. 1,000/- Sq Yards) with Jda Patta & 80% Bank Loan Facilities

Krishna City Jda Approved Plots in Madrampura Sanganer Jaipur, more info…

About Gokul Kripa Colonizers Residential Township-

Residential Jda Approved Plots New Township in Manohariya Wala, Sanganer, Main 360.0 M Ring Road Project, Near Sitarampura Ring Road Toll Plaza, Only 1.5 km from Diggi Road, Only 7 km from Muhana Mandi and 9 km from Sanganer.

Facilities Details-

  • Sewerage Line, Water Tank, Electricity
  • Block Boundary, Plantation, Well Developed Park
  • Plot Demarcation, Gated Entry
  • Water Harvesting System, Drip & more…
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