Demonetization Positive Impact on Real Estate 

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Demonetization Positive Impact on Real Estate

Demonetization- Cheaper Home Loans -Banks are flooded with funds driving down interest rates on deposits and loans.

Lower EMI’S – Apartments to come within reach of buyers due to lower EMI on loans due to lower interest rates.

Attractive Investment – Historically at such low interest rates real estate industry gets a massive boost as property becomes attractive to both end users and investors.

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Greater ROI – Investors find investing in property more attractive than earning a paltry 5-6% on bank deposits as simply buying and renting out gives them more return.  Plus they create charts an asset and earn appreciation over a period of time at the same time getting income tax deductions.

More Buyers – Demonetization will see the most money flowing in banking system from people in the unorganized/small

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scale sector : Crores of new people entering banking system mean that they will also be eligible to get bank loans & fulfill their dream of owning a house.

Improved Infrastructure – Government will have lakhs of Crores to boost funding in infrastructure scheme such as Smart City Mission, Swacch Bharat Mission, Housing for all etc, New Airports  in town, better connectivity to National/State highway,

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upgradation in city transport all lead to increase in demand & prices of properties in cities.
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