Jaipur Metro will get world-class features Jaipur metro rail

The Jaipur Metro trains would have some power-packed, world-class features to make people’s journey a sheer pleasure. The steel tracks, on which these trains would run, have been designed by the Bharat Earth Movers Limited.

Jaipur Metro will get world-class features

07 Jul, 2013 – These standard gauge rail tracks will boost the Jaipur Metro speed up to 85 km/h. The high speed would be supported by disc braking system, which would also ensure a jerk-free journey. Each capsule train will have four bogies comprising two driver trailer cars and two motor cars.

Each driver trailer car would be able to accommodate 315 persons whilst a motor car would carry 342 persons. Thus, the total capacity of the whole train would be 1,314 people per trip. The trains would halt at stations for 30 seconds with a round trip speed of 34km/h.

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The trains would be equipped with better features to provide more comfort to the elderly and women. The trains would have comfortable seats for senior citizens and women.

The fully air-conditioned compartments would be high on security as well. The trains would be equipped with four closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. An automatic feature called Passenger Information System (PIS) would update the passengers about the nearby stations both verbally and visibly. The maps of the train’s route would be displayed on screens fitted inside the bogies.

These maps would be highlighted by colored lights. During any emergency, the passengers would be able to use the ‘passenger emergency alarm handle’ to talk directly to the train operator. Apart from this, the trains would have four emergency exits.

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