Property for Sale on Ring Road Jaipur – Mix Use Plot on Ring Road Jaipur

Sale & Purchase Property on Ring Road Project Jaipur, Mix Use Residential & Commercial JDA Approved Plots / Land on Ring Road Project Map in Jaipur Rajasthan.

Property for Sale on Ring Road Jaipur Rajasthan

Location:Ring Road Project, Jaipur
Property Type:Mix Use JDA Plots
Property Area:627 SQ. Meter / 1250 SQ. Meter
Wide Road:20 Meter / 30 Meter
Facing:East / West
Plot for Sale on Ring Road Jaipur

Mix Use Property for Sale on Ring Road Jaipur, A six-lane road is to be developed connecting Agra Road, Tonk Road and Ajmer Road in the initial phase of the project. In Phase I & II, a road with a length of 47 km will be constructed in the south of Jaipur, connecting Ajmer Road, Tonk Road and Agra Road. 

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Jaipur Ring Road New Alignment & Route –

In Phase III, a road with a length of 97.75 km will be constructed in the northern part of Jaipur and will connect Agra Road to Delhi Road, Sikar Road, Kalwar Road and Ajmer Road. It will consist of a six-lane access controlled expressway; a three-lane service road on both sides; a 135 m R&R and an investors’ development corridor on both sides. The road is envisaged as a toll-free and signal free expressway.

Mix Use Plots on Ring Road Jaipur

Ring Road Map Around Jaipur – Sale & Purchase JDA Approved Plots on Ring Road – Ajayrajpura, Abhaypura, Achrawala, Badanpura, Bhatesari, Budthal, Bilwa, Chimanpura, Chak Aamjhar, Dadiya, Dantali, Dayalpura, Hasampura, Hingoniya, Jaisinghpura Buharia, Goner, Goverdhanpura, GwarJatan, Govindpura Ropada, Khedi Gokulpura, Kanadwas, Khatwara, Khetapura, Khori Ropada, Lakhesara, Laxmipura, Nanakpura, Newta, Nanakpura, Mahapura, Manoriawala, Maanpur Bhatawala, Muhana, Maanpura Nangyla, Rampura bas Goner, Ranipura, Ratalya, Siroli, Sitarampura, Shivdaspura, Shrirampura, Surajpura, Shivdaspura, Shyampura Buharia, Prahladpura, Peepla, Pipla BharatSingh, Rampura bas Goner…

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